Keyword Research & Analysis

The First Step To A Successful SEO Campaign

If You Do Not Know What You Are Trying To Rank For, You Won't Rank For Anything.

Keyword research should be the first stage in any seo campaign. This helps the us understand what your business is about and what single phrases can generate you the most revenue and ROI once ranked.

We use a variety of strategies in determining which keywords you should aim to rank. The first simply involves asking the client what they think their website is about, what their prospects are typing into Google to try and find them and what problem they solve.

Once we have this information we head over to the Google keyword planner for the next stage, here we analysis what keywords are actually being searched and what synomyms or closely related phrases people are also searching to find your business. This section gives us a list of primary and secondary keywords related to your business.

Finally we use a tool called Ahrefs to delve into these keywords further and analyse what the most profitable ones will be. Which keywords will result in the most clients and customers after a 6 month period. This is integrate as we do not want to target keywords that are too competitive for the campaign or budget, but we also do not want to target keywords that are too easy to rank and will only result in a small ROI, we want to build the highest ROI campaign possible.

Keywords Establish Positive ROI

All our campaigns are based on return on investment for clients. If you have £1,000 per month to invest into an SEO campaign, our strategy will be to earn £20,000 per month after 6 months purely through organic search traffic. This makes SEO an incredibly profitable investment and one that can be scaled very easily.

If we do not believe we can make a 1000% ROI campaign for a client, we will not take them on. This means if in 6 months we cannot generate 1000% per month, every month on what was initially invested, we do not work with this business. For more information on the exact process, please check out the client ranking strategy below.